This is fantastic! Little 2-year-old virtuoso: how a child drummer excited the world music scene with his incredible talent

Most parents agree that it is common for children at the age of 2 to enjoy banging on things. Hugo Molina has taken this to an entirely new level, however. He can play the drums with what seems like perfect rhythm. At an audition on «Spain’s Got Talent,» the 2-year-old’s drum performance was so impressive that it has received more than 10 million views since it was posted in September 2019 on YouTube.

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the full video 🙂

Hugo was the youngest contestant to perform on «Spain’s Got Talent.» He seemed comfortable with showing off his amazing drumming skills in front of a studio audience. Manuel Jesus is Hugo’s father. He carried his young son across the stage and carefully placed him in front of a drum set. One of the hosts was afraid the little boy would be frightened. The host asked the audience not to clap or cheer as Hugo came on the stage. Many people were impressed by how the little boy could see so many people in the studio audience and not get upset and run backstage.


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