Talent show: the girl’s dress flew off, the judge fell from delight!

The format of the show, in which ordinary people demonstrate their abilities and receive ratings from the star jury is at the peak of popularity. Vocal auditions and dance numbers attract a particularly large audience.

Performances of newcomers of the big stage are full of emotions and cheer up. The choice of a song, the staging of dance becomes their calling card, which is evaluated primarily by the audience sitting in the hall. The favorites of such shows are due to vocal data or acting skills and a bright and memorable image. And every season reveals such talents.

37-year-old Christina Ramos, whose performance is presented in the video, conquered everyone with her energy. She passed the primary selection at the Spanish talent show and presented the aria «Cantante» in the first round to the jury. The audience and the star jury appreciated her beautiful operatic voice. But that was just the beginning.

Christina went on a bold experiment. She suddenly tore off her classic evening dress in the middle of the performance, transformed into a bold rock diva. The respectable aria was replaced by AC/DC’s popular single «Highway to Hell». The unexpected transformation shocked and delighted the audience. It’s worth a look.

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