Magic on Stage: 8-year-old psychic Fritzi reads the judges’ minds A young sorceress and her psychic teddy bear have the judges scratching their heads over the question: «America’s Got Talent!»

In a stunning display of supernatural talent, 8-year-old Fritzi captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide with her mesmerizing performance on «America’s Got Talent.» Accompanied by her extraordinary companion, a psychic teddy bear named Mr. Wiggles, Fritzi showcased her innate ability to read the minds of the judges, leaving them bewildered and amazed.

From the moment Fritzi stepped onto the stage, it was evident that something extraordinary was about to unfold. With a confident demeanor and a sparkle in her eyes, she stood alongside Mr. Wiggles, ready to showcase their unique talents to the world. As the audience held their breath in anticipation, Fritzi closed her eyes and extended her hand towards the judges’ panel, signaling the beginning of an otherworldly experience.

With the assistance of Mr. Wiggles, Fritzi delved into the depths of the judges’ minds, uncovering their deepest thoughts and secrets with astonishing accuracy. She effortlessly revealed personal details and memories that seemed impossible for her to know, leaving the judges scratching their heads in disbelief. From childhood pets to cherished memories, Fritzi left no stone unturned as she wowed the audience with her uncanny ability to peer into the minds of others.


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